Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blood & Chocolate

Maybe it was first grade when I refused to hold my pencil the correct way (smart enough to switch to "my way", once the teacher passed my desk). Maybe it was in middle school, my English teacher declaring on my report card Corey has a very unique way of using words and phrases. Or just maybe it was in High school, our town's only college (Francis Marion, which is now a University) sponsored a short story contest open to all three High schools. Out of all the entries (I don't remember the exact number, or if that information was ever revealed), there was first place, second place and honorable mention. The latter prize was bestowed upon me. I was surprised, shocked really, but ultimately very happy about the honor. (Entries were due in the winter; results were in the spring)

Blood & Chocolate, the story was called. A rather pedestrian title, I think, looking back, but at the time I thought it was really cool. Which also raises another maybe scenario: maybe it was Stephen King that hooked me into writing. (My term paper was on contrasting the literary styles of Stephen Edwin King and Edgar Allan Poe!) I've been an avid reader of all his work, Misery and The Shining among my many favorites. Blood & Chocolate premise was a simple one really--a boy who refuses to clean his room, discovers that something has been born there and it is growing daily, getting hungrier. When he does decided to clean his room, well, it's too late.

So yes: I'd say these things (and many others) have been instrumental in my writer's path. So many ideas filtering through my conscious|subconscious, in order to create stories my way: from the heart of Coreyville--with a pencil or otherwise.


cynthia kerestes said...

always love the stories from what may be influenced by Stephen King, but is always distinctly Corey.

Gabriela Pereira said...

Love this post! And Cindy's right... no matter where the influences come from, the voice is always very Corey!

JM Randolph said...

I never held my pencil the right way either. I would love to read that story!

Maeve Frazier said...

Love the post. Best of luck in your writing journey.